Wood Fire Roasted Coffee Beans

For centuries coffee was only roasted over an open hardwood fire, producing a nice, smooth coffee with a hint of smoke flavor. We now bring this traditional old fashioned method of roasting to you. Treat yourself to what could quite possibly be the best coffee you ever had!

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Smooth Coffee With A Hint Of Hardwood Smoke Flavor

I've been roasting coffee beans for over 20 years.  I do it the old fashioned way, always outdoors and directly over a wood fire right here in old New England Country, Connecticut. The result is always amazing; nice smooth coffee with a hint of hardwood smoke flavor. You'll love it!

  • From Paul, Connecticut

    Your red eye roast is a hit! My mother in law loves it, my daughters love it, and my wife loves it also. I might be ordering 3 or 4 more pounds soon! Plus whatever our coworkers want after they try it!

  • From Ken, Mexico

    Hi Len

    The Coffee tastes great. I will order again for myself when I'm getting low.

    P.S. I just ordered 1lbs for my Mother in the States.

  • From Derek, North Carolina

    Actually we just tried it this morning.

    Dark. Flavorful

    I bet serious smokers would like this. Smoking as in meat, Like big BBQers

  • From Ken, California

    I bought your Red Eye and Regular. Both types are excellent for both brew and espresso. Neither comes close to becoming sour or bitter at any point. They both are pleasant anytime throughout the day either by itself or paired with various foods.

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Our guarantee is simple: You must be 100% satisfied with our coffee or your money back.


FEATURED! RED EYE Wood Fire Roasted Coffee Beans

RED EYE is my own blend of hand selected Robusta and Arabica beans, roasted together in my roaster at the same time, resulting in a naturally more highly caffeinated coffee than my Regular coffee which uses only Arabica beans. It is one of my favorite types of coffee, a real eye opener. I sell my RED EYE beans in 1/2 pound bags and also 1 pound bags.


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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our guarantee is simple: You must be 100% satisfied with our coffee or your money back.

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